Our mission

Connecting to our Creator

The human soul is one of the most wondrous things that God created and one of the greatest gifts given to man. Like the body, it requires care and nurture if it is to remain healthy.

Reviving Souls is an initiative which aims to bring about revival through the realisation of Islam, Iman and Ihsan. This revival begins internally with the soul and encompasses every aspect of the human experience. It is manifested in the Prophetic Way of knowledge, devotion and service.

Reviving Souls is based in Edinburgh, Scotland but we welcome with open arms anyone from any background in any corner of the world.

Our teachers

Amin Buxton

Amin Buxton is an educator and translator based in Edinburgh. He embraced Islam in 1999 and read Arabic at SOAS, University of London. He also studied the Islamic sciences in a traditional setting in both Syria and Yemen. He is involved in several educational initiatives including New to Islam Edinburgh and New Beginnings. He serves as a prison imam and as Muslim Chaplain at Edinburgh Napier University. He is currently training to be a counsellor.

Tayyiba Ahmad

Tayyiba Ahmad practised as a barrister in London but she longed to devote more time to her religion. This longing eventually took her to Yemen to study the Islamic sciences. She then settled in Edinburgh with her family where she teaches and offers Islamic advice.

Farhan Masud

Farhan was born and raised in Edinburgh and is a Graphic Designer. He studied at Edinburgh’s Napier University. In 2013, he started studying the Islamic Sciences with various teachers and in 2017, under the guidance of Shaykh Amin Buxton and Shaykh Hassan Rabbani (Glasgow), he started teaching the youth of Edinburgh the iSyllabus for Schools curriculum, which he currently teaches along with Fiqh.

Hamza Ahmed

Hamza studied Theology and Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. He then completed the five year iSyllabus Islamic Studies course and studied privately with a number of teachers. He has taught Islamic Studies and beginners Arabic to children and adults. He lives in Glasgow and works as a Primary school teacher.

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